“Porterfield distinguishes Bonnie with a powerhouse voice and loads of personality. Her delight in reading her silly poems to Clyde and her thrill at seeing her name in the newspapers, especially when she's described as a "ravishing redhead," add humor and poignant humanity. The best numbers are the wistful ballads, including Bonnie's "How 'Bout a Dance" and "Dyin' Ain't So Bad”.

-Everett Evans; Houston Chronicle

"But the shining star of the production is Kathryn Porterfield, whose knack for comedy was only overshadowed by her powerhouse vocals. As the sight-challenged librarian, and object of Melvin/Toxie's affection, Porterfield's character could easily turn into a one-joke wonder, but her palpable charm was captivating. The young actress who returns to DFW, has already made a star turn on Houston's esteemed Theatre Under The Stars stage, leading musicals like HEATHERS, BONNIE & CLYDE and OLIVER. In the unlikely event that the New York scene doesn't soon steal her, local audiences are in for a treat with this new, sensational talent."

​-Kyle Christopher West; Broadway World

"Porterfield is luminous in the role and commands attention every time she walks onstage. She is the show's heart and soul. Every one of her numbers, including "It's a Fine Life" and "As Long As He Needs Me," is a powerful vocal and character showcase."

-Joey Guerra; Houston Chronicle

OLIVER! - Theatre Under the Stars

 "Kathryn Porterfield is an excellent Nancy, beguiling the audience from the minute she steps onstage with her raw energy and plucky femininity. It is refreshing to hear a gorgeous alto voice in the role of a heroine and Porterfield is a joy to listen to."

-Jenny Taylor Moodie; Broadway World

"Porterfield, who just finished a strong lead performance in TUTS Underground’s recent original production of The Sweet Potato Queens, defines the Alpha Heather completely as “a mythic bitch.” From cruel sneers to manipulative schemes, Porterfield is all haughty mannerisms and envy-worthy vocals that never disappoint, with all eyes on her when she takes the stage, red scrunchy or not. Both actresses’ performances are helped by their excellent comedic timing, which is tricky business to deliver with such dark humor."

-Doni Wilson; Houstonia Mag

​​THE TOXIC AVENGER - Uptown Players ​



“The three Heathers are extremely well cast. Kathryn Porterfield seems BORN to play megabitch Heather Chandler, but her amazingly sweet singing voice gives her an added dimension missing from her movie counterpart. “

-Brett Collum; Broadway World